Tom Collyer Wins the Eddie Andriessen Award for 2019

MINTRAC, the Meat Industry Training body, has awarded Tom Collyer the Eddie Andriessen Award for 2019.

The Eddie Andriessen Award is to recognise contribution to Meat Inspection and Quality Assurance in Australia (MI&QA) in areas such as Research and Development (R&D), Training or Professional Development of meat safety/QA personnel in the Australian meat industry.

With 26 years’ employment with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service (AQIS) as a Meat Inspector, Tom has been the lead facilitator for all AQIS authorised officer training for Response since joining us in 2012. 

His extensive knowledge of meat processing and meat inspection is evident from his positions as Senior Supervising Meat Inspector of six separate export meat processing plants and various non-slaughtering plants. 

Tom is a qualified slaughterman, boner and retail butcher and holds a Cert IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety), (Quality Assurance) and (Leadership). His contributions to the development and new qualifications of training material are extensive, particularly in the areas of meat safety qualifications, MHA training, the image library and multiple species ante-mortem and post-mortem materials. He has recently been working in Vietnam assisting local industry to introduce a Meat Safety / QA standard and process.

Response is very proud to have Tom as a member of the family and is looking forward to Tom’s continued contributions in the industry. For more information click here*

* Please note the Beef Central story linked above presents Tom as a South Australia TAFE trainer, however as previously mentioned Tom has been, and continues to be, part of the Response family since 2012 and helps MINTRAC when required.